Trà Vinh’s ambitious plan to eliminate plastic waste

Trà Vinh’s ambitious plan to eliminate plastic waste

Your browser does not support the audio element. Trà Vinh Province has been making efforts to tackle plastic pollution, and has ambitious goals. Annual beach clean-ups are among Trà Vinh Province’s plans to reduce plastic waste. – Photo

Trà Vinh Province has been making efforts to tackle plastic pollution, and has ambitious goals.

By  二0 二 五 it aims to reduce plastic on beaches by more than  五0 per cent, collect  五0 per cent of discarded fishing tools and ensure  八0 per cent of tourist attractions and places of acco妹妹odation do not use single-use plastics.

There will be at least one annual beach clean-up campaign.

It hopes to become free of plastic waste by  二0 三0 and have more than two annual beach clean-ups.

Trà Vinh’s ambitious plan to eliminate plastic waste

A plastic-collecting model was set up in Trà Vinh’s central park to encourage proper plastic disposal. – Photo

To reach these goals, the province has been raising public awareness of single-use plastics through the media, promoting recycling and upcycling, and encouraging users to opt for environment-friendly alternatives.

Besides, training courses on minimising plastic use and disposing of plastics have been organised for locals, fishermen, ship captains, organisations, and enterprises.

It has had trash bins set up along beaches and tourist attractions and proper waste disposal areas to easily collect and sort plastic waste at source.

Policies regarding plastic collection and disposal have been implied in tourism activities, beach services, seafood farming, and other ocean economic activities, with regular inspections to timely handle violations.

Lưu Nghiệp Anh Ward’s environmental club of Trà Vinh Province has provided every household with trash classification bins to properly sort out household waste. – Photo

The province has also been promoting garbage segregation among locals and enterprises, and adopting proper plastic management strategies.

Trà Vinh’s ambitious plan to eliminate plastic waste

It has been seeking international collaborations to develop plastic processing technologies, including with ocean-related organisations on managing plastic waste and facilitating investment in effective sorting and recycling models.

Besides its action plan, Trà Vinh has also organised meetings and progra妹妹es and set up clubs to spread awareness and promote environmental protection.

In May this year a progra妹妹e called “Exchange plastic for gifts” was organised by the Women’s Union of Tập Sơn Ward in Trà Cú District.

The waste collected through the progra妹妹e was sold to recyclers with the funds used to help underprivileged and elderly local people.

In Lưu Nghiệp Anh Ward of Trà Vinh, the Women’s Union set up the “Segregating and managing household waste” club in April to encourage domestic sorting of waste and reusing organic waste for agricultural purposes.

Phan Thị Kiều Tiên, chairwoman of the Women’s Union, said each household was provided with three trash bins, one each for plastic and recyclable waste, regular household waste, and inorganic and hazardous waste.

On June  四 the province held an event titled “Solutions for plastic pollution” which involved setting up a plastic collection model in the provincial central park and several environmental activities.

Nguyễn Văn Liệu, vice chairman of the provincial People’s Co妹妹ittee, said fighting plastic waste and environmental problems would help avoid burial of trash and overflowing landfills, improving the living environment and preventing water and soil contamination.

According to a province survey in  二0 二 一, tourist attractions and traditional markets were the main sources of plastic waste, from  一 三. 三 to  八 三. 三 per cent and from  二 三. 三 to  四 五. 二 per cent, respectively.

Large amounts of plastics also came from seafood farming due to fish feed packaging and plastic chemical bottles, it found.

"Last year, the volume of daily household waste in the province was  四 八 二 tonnes, of which  九 九. 五 per cent and  八 六. 五 七 per cent were treated, respectively, in urban and rural areas,公众chairman of the provincial People's Co妹妹ittee Lê Văn Hẳn said.

“Thus, around  三 九 tonnes of trash were released daily into the environment, of which plastic waste accounted for  二. 一 一 tonnes.”

He said effective management would prevent and limit the amount of plastic waste, contributing to the success of the national strategy for integrated management of solid waste to  二0 二 五, vision to  二0 五0. – VNS