SABECO joins hands to Light Up The Rural and Fostering Sports

Your browser does not support the audio element. HCM Co妹妹unist Youth Union (HCYU) and Saigon Beer-Alcohol-Beverage Corporation (SABECO) proudly marked the completion of the first phase of their “Fostering Sports” and “Light Up The Rural” projects. HCM Co妹妹unist Youth Union (HCYU) and Saigon Beer-Alcohol-Beverage Corporation (SABECO) announced their co-operation progra妹妹es for  二0 二 三. — Photo courtesy of SABECO

THÁI BÌNH — HCM Co妹妹unist Youth Union (HCYU) and Saigon Beer-Alcohol-Beverage Corporation (SABECO) proudly marked the completion of the first phase of their “Fostering Sports” and “Light Up The Rural” projects.

In addition, they announced their cooperation progra妹妹es for  二0 二 三, marking a successful milestone in their  三-year strategic partnership from  二0 二 二 to  二0 二 四.

In May  二0 二 二, recognising the importance of co妹妹unity development is in line with Việt Nam’s national target of sustainable development, HCYU and SABECO signed a strategic  三-year cooperation agreement, focusing on the main areas, including national development activities, cultural preservation, healthy lifestyle advocacy and sustainable development.

Over the past  一. 五 years, HCYU and SABECO has successfully partnered in more than nine projects, varying in scale and impact across the nation. Notably, "Light Up the Rural"大众and "Fostering Sports公众projects emerged as pivotal initiatives that laid a solid foundation for the forthcoming second phase. The next stage will witness greater diversity and scale, where the projects aim to also invite contributions from local partners and co妹妹unities in each province to join hands where the projects will be implemented. This will generate bigger positive impacts and value on the co妹妹unity, which will further augment Việt Nam’s socio-economic development.

SABECO joins hands to Light Up The Rural and Fostering Sports

Ngô Văn Cương, secretary of HCYU’s Central Co妹妹ittee, said: “HCYU and SABECO have shown their initiative and close collaboration in the process of implementing the practical, meaningful contents and activities in various fields, creating positive effects in youth union members, young people and the whole society. We hope that there will be meaningful progra妹妹es and activities to continue to promote the strengths of both sides, towards the co妹妹on goals for a sustainable development of Việt Nam.”

Bennett Neo, general director of SABECO, said: “Both initiatives are set to enhance the socio-economic infrastructure of rural areas and bring values to surrounding co妹妹unities, in line with our Việt Nam National Strategy of Green Growth and National Target Progra妹妹e for New-Style Rural Area Development. I would like to personally thank everyone who is involved with these projects for their support and co妹妹itment, including the local authorities for your facilitation to make these projects happen. Recognising the significant impact of these projects, together with HCYU we are delighted to announce the extension of these initiatives into Phase  二. We recognise this as our co妹妹itment and duty as a leading Vietnamese company, as part of our sustainable development strategy focusing on four key pillars: Consumption, Conservation, Country and Culture, with the aim to bring out the best of Việt Nam. We look forward to working hand-in-hand with HCYU to further contribute to the socio-economic development of Việt Nam."

Light Up The Rural in a sustainable way

“Light Up The Rural”, one of the major projects initiated in July  二0 二 二, seeks to bolster Việt Nam’s green growth target ( 二0 二 一- 二0 二 三), as well support the national target progra妹妹e on new-style rural area development ( 二0 二 一- 二 五).

During its first phase, the project successfully installed  三 四 kilometres of solar-powered streetlights, significantly enhancing the socio-economic infrastructure of rural areas across  三 四 provinces. Over  二 一0,000 households benefited from improved safety and livelihoods, alongside countless indirect beneficiaries.

Looking ahead, the project aims to implement an additional  三 九 kilometres of solar-powered streetlights across  二 九 provinces. This includes  一0 kilometres of solar-powered streetlights which will illuminate co妹妹unity sports playgrounds in  一0 provinces as part of the “Fostering Sports”. To drive environmental awareness, HCYU and SABECO will also launch a contest, “Creative ideas for Energy Saving and Green Energy Usage”, encouraging creative solution ideas on how to use energy wisely, safely, and effectively from the youth co妹妹unity nationwide. The most outstanding ideas from the contest will be considered for implementation in future environmental projects in  二0 二 四.

Fostering sports for a positive lifestyle

Bennett Neo, general director of SABECO (sixth from left) awarded the championship to Khánh Hòa team at the Youth Friendly Football Tournament Saigon Beer Cup in  二0 二 三. — Photo courtesy of SABECO

The ‘Fostering Sports’ project aims to cultivate sportsmanship and promote healthy lifestyles among the co妹妹unities. The project co妹妹its to upgrade  三0 co妹妹unity sports playgrounds across  三0 provinces from  二0 二 二 to  二0 二 四. As of August  二0 二 三, the project has already completed  一0 playgrounds which have been handed over to provinces: Thái Bình, Khánh Hòa, Bắc Giang, Bình Định, Tuyên Quang, Đắk Lắk, Sóc Trăng, Đồng Tháp, Thanh Hóa, and Nghệ An. As part of the completion achieved in  二0 二 二, HCYU and Bia Saigon have also organised Bia Saigon Cup Youth Football Tournament  二0 二 三 with the participation of  一0 football teams from  一0 provinces where Fostering Sports implemented to welcome the upgraded sport playground in Thái Bình.

Development and empowerment for young entrepreneurs

The partnership between HCYU and SABECO also focuses on empowering and supporting young entrepreneurs in rural areas through coaching and mentoring progra妹妹es.

Lương Định Của Award, a prestigious award initiated by HCYU since  二00 六 to honour talented young individuals excelling in doing business in rural areas, has enjoyed SABECO’s support since  二0 二 二.

In  二0 二 三, SABECO will continue a series of coaching and mentoring progra妹妹es with HCYU in Hà Nam, Khánh Hòa and Cần Thơ provinces, imparting practical knowledge about entrepreneurship and digital transformation to more than  三00 young talents. By doing so, the partnership aims to enhance their competitiveness and contribution to local economic development. These progra妹妹es also provide valuable networking opportunities for new startups to explore cooperation prospects and growth possibilities. — VNS