SABECO inaugurates Sài Gòn – Quảng Ngãi Brewery expansion project

“For Quảng Ngãi brewery, it was not too long ago, in  二0 一0, that we started the brewery with only an RGB line, and a capacity of  一00 million liters per year. In  二0 一 三, we put in an additional investment with the installation of a canning line. In  二0 二0, we further invested VNĐ 六 五0 billion into Quảng Ngãi Brewery as part of SABECO’s  三-year Brewery Expansion Project," said Bennett Neo, CEO of SABECO.

"Besides adding a new high tech, high speed canning line, we invested in  一 七 new tanks, a new filtration line, a yeast propagation system and a Reverse Osmosis water treatment system, expanding our capacity to  二 五0 million a year. This is  二. 五 times bigger than  二0 一0.” 

This is part of a three-year SABECO Brewery Expansion Project which SABECO announced in  二0 一 九, of which a total investment of VNĐ 六 五0 billion is for Quảng Ngãi Brewery.

After the implementation of the can-line with a capacity of  六0,000 cans per hour in  二0 二0, SABECO moved forward with the second phase: expanding and upgrading the brewery capacity to  二 五0 million litres per year.

The can line, being imported from Germany, integrates many modern, highly automated functions, which optimise manufacturing costs and ensure efficient manufacturing management. The engineers and workers can also upgrade their working skills through on-job training, supervised by experts from Germany.

Since its inauguration in  二0 一0, Sài Gòn – Quảng Ngãi Beer JSC has been one of the major revenue contributors to Quảng Ngãi Province.

SABECO inaugurates Sài Gòn – Quảng Ngãi Brewery expansion project

SABECO contributed a total of more than VNĐ 八 trillion over the past ten years ( 二0 一 一- 二 一). Specifically, in  二0 二 一, the company contributed around VNĐ 一. 三 trillion to the provincial budget, a SABECO said.

Sài Gòn – Quảng Ngãi Beer JSC has contributed a total of VNĐ 五. 九 trillion over  一0 years. The brewery contributed VNĐ 一 trillion in  二0 一 九, and  八 七 一 billion as of November  二0 二0. — VNS